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Finaid Calendar

– Berger Hall 11am-2pm
  • Last day to add full semester course without instructor permission
  • Labor Day Holiday – UCCS Offices closed
  • Labor Day Holiday – no classes, UCCS offices open
  • Census Date/Tuition due date/Auto deduction enrollment deadline*
  • Financial Aid awards may be adjusted
  • FAFSA for the Fall 2020/Spring 2021/Summer 2020 available at
  • Federal loan fee origination fees change
  • Last day to drop/withdraw without special permission from your Dean
  • Short Term loan due
  • Thanksgiving Holiday Begins (no classes, offices open Wednesday, closed Thurs and Fri)
  • Thanksgiving Holiday Ends (no classes, offices open Wednesday, closed Thurs and Fri)
  • UCCS 2020-2021 Scholarship application available in myUCCS portal
  • Spring 2020 Student Employment Jobs Begin Posting on SEANs Place
  • Fall 2019 Commencement
  • Semester Ends
  • Winter Break Begins (no classes and UCCS offices are closed)
  • Winter Break Ends (no classes and UCCS offices are closed)
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    Fall 2019 Newsletter - Behind the Money

    Behind the Money

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