Residence Life & Housing


UCCS Fuels Success
Housing options to fit every student’s lifestyle

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What Our Students Are Saying

Rachel Walters
B.S. Nursing, Class of 2014
"We were in awe of how awesome UCCS was. Not too small — big enough to have the fun college experience, but also the right size to stand out and be a leader."

Rachel Walters came to UCCS after being impressed with a distinct campus culture we're proud to offer. She went on to become a nurse who saves the lives of children on a daily basis.

Our Housing Styles

  • Shared spaces & private bedrooms

    These suites feature four private bedrooms, as well as a shared common area and bathroom. You’ll have room to relax with friends, as well as study, and so much more.

  • Large, private bedroom-style suite

    The epitome of comfort: Picture yourself in this three-bedroom suite, featuring private rooms and a shared bathroom..

  • Live large with a ton of living space

    This community-centric suite style features two bedrooms designed to be shared between four students. It boasts a large bathroom and large living space.

  • Intimate living with a full kitchen

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  • Suite living with two bathrooms

    亚洲、欧美图区偷拍|蔓草中午第一社区|美女视频黄频大全视频免费|美国十次拉导航|影音男人|曰本综合一本通杳焦久久88You’ll be living the suite life with this four-bedroom setup with two bathrooms, a full kitchen and luxurious shared space. This style is reserved for upperclassmen and transfer students.

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