Multicultural Office


UCCS Stands By You
Fueling your success while standing by you

亚洲、欧美图区偷拍|蔓草中午第一社区|美女视频黄频大全视频免费|美国十次拉导航|影音男人|曰本综合一本通杳焦久久88Integral to the success of our University is access for all and inclusiveness of all. With our MOSAIC office, you’ll find a welcoming community of students and staff who serve as a safe support system in which to build relationships and navigate complex social and cultural identities. All students have a place at UCCS, where unique experiences are welcomed.

A Space In Which to Live, Learn and Grow.

  1. Social support and leadership development for students from underserved communities.
  2. Cultural and identity-based education, workshops, programs and events
  3. Community meeting and study spaces for all students
  4. Involvement opportunities in cultural and identity-based student organizations and support groups.
  5. Advising and mentorship for cultural and identity-based student organizations, in partnership with support from our office of Student Life.
  6. Advocacy and mentorship for students from all underserved communities.