UCCS Graduate School

UCCS Graduate School


UCCS Graduate School degrees, featuring more than 50 options across all six schools and colleges, are offered with your schedule in mind. Rigorous academics, paired with modern practices and experienced faculty members, allow us to offer competitive and highly-ranked Master's and Doctoral degrees. We fuel the futures of working individuals, empowering change across Colorado Springs, Colorado, our nation and the world.


Feel free to contact our offices at (719) 255-3072 or (719) 255-3417 or via email at gradinfo@king4soft.com, or visit our website at the link below. 


Katie Johanson found her calling in Gerontology
Clinical Gerontology, Ph.D.
"UCCS has a great program that’s very focused and offers diverse practicum rotations. I get to study and work with the population I love. The population in the U.S. and worldwide is aging, everyone’s going to be old someday. Having an understanding of what it’s like to age in this country undeniably makes your work better and improves your skillset.”
What our students are saying
To Johanson, a Ph.D. allowed her to pursue a field about which she is extremely passionate. Her mission is to study and improve the well-being of aging people.

Our Graduate School Can Fuel Your Success

  1. Options to suit your career path

    We offer multiple degree options with online, evening and weekend courses to help fit your busy schedule.

  2. Smaller class sizes

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  3. State-of-the-art research

    Research is a major part of our mission at UCCS. Students have the unique opportunity to have a major part in groundbreaking research. 

  4. Resources to fuel success

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