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In the UCCS Alumni and Annual Giving Office, we strive to be the central link between you, our Alumni, and our University in order to develop and strengthen lifelong relationships; encourage loyalty, engagement and financial support to UCCS; celebrate traditions; and advance the mission of our University through the cumulative success of all Alumni, such as yourself. 

While our Alumni span the globe, more than 60 percent remain in Colorado to work in and improve the incredible communities nestled in the Front Range and beyond.

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Patrick Hannaway
Patrick Hannaway, '08
"It's shocking to look at where you were and where you are, and realize you made it to your ultimate goal. I owe all of that to UCCS, the CU system, to athletics, to the community and to hard work."
From successful athlete to successful dentist — An Alumni story
One of the most prolific basketball stars to play for the UCCS Mountain Lions, Patrick Hannaway forged a path both as a student and an athlete to earning his degree. Now a successful dentist, Hannaway recalls his time at UCCS with fondness.

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